research & development

research and development

Aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics, a soilless system for crop production. The idea of aquaponics was first studied in the mid 1970’s as a way to remove waste products from recirculating aquaculture systems.

As the technology advanced, it was discovered that in a controlled environment it was possible to create a symbiotic relationship between plants and fish, where both parties could thrive.

Alternative Farming Solutions recognizes the potential of this technology, and how it could serve as a very viable solution to many of the obstacles facing food production today. We are ready.

research and our team

Alternative Farming Solutions has put together an exceptional team whose history, knowledge and excellence are unprecedented. Our extensive scientific research and proven methodologies speak loudly in a market that is in need of sustainability.

Our team offers extensive knowledge in science, sales, marketing, advertising, logistics, Aquaponic technologies, agricultural and seafood markets, food safety, project management and risk management. Our network of experts engaged in commercial innovation continues to grow.

Moving forward, Alternative Farming Solutions is committed to the further research and development of our company on all levels. Our intention is to be a leader in Canadian organic food production.

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