our planet

Moving towards a sustainable future

Our earth is shifting. Extreme weather patterns across the globe have affected conventional farming. Areas that were once abundant with farmland are facing drought, fires or flooding.

Changes must be made in the way we all conduct business, to ensure a healthy planet for our future generations.

Alternative Farming Solutions is committed to this change, and we have the solution!

Most of the current food supply in Alberta and throughout the rest of Canada is shipped to us from other countries. Farmers rely on the use of unhealthy chemicals to ensure preservation, but at what cost to our health? Our product is 100% organic and chemical free, and will be competitive to current prices. Our fresh, delicious products will be easy to find, and will soon be available at your local grocery store!

The Alternative Farming Solution is infinitely scalable. What does that mean? It means it can be built close to the customer and replicated quickly. Imagine being able to visit a drought-ridden area and purchase fresh produce and seafood. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not! Here are the exciting facts:

  • The Alternative Farming Solutions system uses up to 99% less water than conventional farming! The water is recycled throughout the system
  • Our system can guarantee the safety and quality of both the produce and the seafood. We are entirely chemical free, and certified organic.
  • Larger amounts of produce can be grown in a shorter time period. Some of the products produced through our system can produce in volumes up to 20 times the capability of traditional food production!
  • On a large scale, our technology has the potential to impact the health of our oceans, by not removing so many of the inhabitants for food.
  • Our system does not require any soil, helping to reduce soil depletion
  • This innovative technology produces zero pollution. The small amount of by-product or “effluent” will be collected and paired with beneficial microbial life (fungi, bacteria, etc.) This will allow us to produce a fertilizer that can actually repair damaged soil!

The Alternative Farming Solution is a year round system. We are always in season!