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At Alternative Farming Solutions we believe all Canadian families deserve access to fresh, organic food choices. That is why we are fully committed to becoming a leading player in the local, organic food products market in Canada.

Our system is designed to deliver fresh produce and seafood year round!

Because the quality control of our system is so refined, we can guarantee to our customers a consistent supply of premium products. In addition, we can also produce larger amounts of product in a shorter time period in comparison to conventional farming.

It is through our commitment to sustainability that Alternative Farming Solutions works to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs in an ever-changing market towards a greener future!

Alternative Farming Solutions participates in the global initiative to produce fresh, healthy food in a way that is environmentally sound.

Our system is sustainable, expandable, environmentally compatible and infinitely scalable. We have the solution!

about distributor

Canvas Distributor. At the vegetable market operating since 1996. Initially we were a small company , but with time and when you spend a huge amount of time we have become an international company engaged in breeding oranges. We're currently working with 1,000 small and large ent selling them your oranges that meet all the required standards.

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Alberta Deals & CO. We have been operating on the market strawberries for over 100 years. We are a small family business , but our strawberries are known throughout the united states of america because they have amazing flavor and color. The work on the farm trying to maintain high hygiene at work , making our products immediately fit to eat .

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Doloris Distrib. Cattle farming is our passion and a dream come true. We deal with this for over 5 generations by passing himself all the family secrets in running the business. In 2014 our products have received honor the best food in San Bernandin.

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Karen Distribution. We are a small company founded in 2014 that began cultivation of genetically modified tomatoes which makes them suitable for cultivation, in all weather conditions nire losing its excellent flavor and beautiful color.

Alternative Farming Solutions commits to a Total Quality Approach to all Elements of OUR Business